Together We Build was developed to honor the memory of a beautiful little boy, Aidan Mallio, who died in a tragic drowning accident at just 10-months-old while his dad was in the hospital receiving treatment for leukemia.

Aidan’s aunt decided that she wanted to bring the community together to rebuild part of a local playground, Castle in the Trees in Littleton, Mass. in his memory. Friends and neighbors joined in the effort by planning discount days at local restaurants, making donations, and planning a children’s concert. The group was then selected by O Magazine as the winner of their “Declutter for a Cause” contest, leading to the planning of an enormous yard sale with special guest Peter Walsh. (The event is scheduled for Saturday, June 1, 2013 at Abbot School in Westford.)

While the volunteers wanted to raise money, they also wanted to show Aidan’s parents that they had the support of those around them. This was why Together We Build was created. We wanted to give people easy ways to participate, showing the Mallio family that there are many people touched by their story who are wishing them healing and better days ahead. Here’s how to help:

Do you bake, mow lawns, knit, build things, sew, or do you have a business that is interested in being part of an amazing cause?

So often we make our donations to causes we like, but wish we knew other easy ways to help. Today we want to ask you to do the thing you love best to make a difference.

We want to show the Mallios that the community cares about them and the memory of this little boy. Rather than having a project funded by a few large donors, we want to enlist the whole community. Together We Build.

How Can I Help?
Think about your hobbies and skills that others might be interested in. Can you knit something? Bake cupcakes? Mow some lawns or do some weeding? Host a party? Offer a discount day at your business? Let your friends and contacts know by email and Facebook that you’re selling something for a great cause. When you’re done, we’ll post a picture of your event or item (as well as a link to your business!) to celebrate your contribution on our Facebook page. The Mallios will be able to see the outpouring of support from people near and far.

It couldn’t be easier. Do something you already love and be part of this community project. Whether you make $5, $25, or $50, it’s all important. We can do this together!

Where Do I Send my Contribution?
Donations (made payable to Littleton Children’s Fund) can be sent to:
Castle in the Trees, P.O. Box 2173, Littleton, MA 01460
or visit to donate by credit card of with PayPal.

You can also bring it to our big community yard sale at the Abbot School in Westford, Mass. on June 1. We’ll have an area where people can share info about their projects and drop off their financial contributions.

How Can I Tell the Mallios How I Helped?

Email us your name, a picture of your event or item, a brief description of what you did, and, if you wish, how much you raised! We’ll post it on our Facebook page and here on the Together For Aidan blog, keeping a running record of all the great projects. If you have a business, feel free to share your website info or where to buy your product so we can send people your way. You’re also welcome to include a message to the Mallio family.

Send this information to Katrina at

Now! May is the kickoff for Together We Build, culminating in an enormous yard sale on Saturday, June 1st. Fundraising for the project will be ongoing throughout the summer and fall of 2013.

Questions and More Info?
Contact Katrina at


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